1. Summer in Hyde Park, 2014. 


  2. 卵焼き (tamagoyaki) - Japanese rolled omelette.

    I made it vegan. I made an omelette vegan. Like, imagine me typing this covered in sweat with bits of tofu stuck to my t-shirt and turmeric-stained fingers (I’m… not. But imagine). When I ascend to my rightful place among the gods and they ask me what my greatest achievement was (for the sake of this story, we’re also gonna imagine that the god in this case is like, Zeus? I don’t know why exactly), I’m going to nod wisely and look down upon the world and say, ‘I made vegan tamagoyaki.’

    And Zeus will probably be like, ‘Woah man, you should’ve just used eggs.’

    Which is what my mother said when I told her this news on the phone. I almost hung up. At that point I really was still sweaty and tofu-covered.

    Shut up. This is like, on par with the time I made brownies out of avocado. Didn’t Jesus do that one time? I might be getting confused.

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  3. Tatton Park Gardens, Cheshire, England.


  4. 'But what do vegans eat?!??!' - aka, a few no-recipe meals, recently:

    • Vegan schnitzel with sweet potato fries, spinach, garlic mayo & ketchup. I got this schnitzel in Whole Foods but tragically cannot remember the brand name. Amazing.
    • Biona organic tortellini with tofu and spices (!!!Convenient vegan food in major supermarkets!!!), with spinach, mushrooms, dairy-free Sacla pesto and Tofutti cream cheese.
    • Vegan white chocolate french toast with blueberries and coconut yoghurt. I got this vegan white from a food festival a month or two back: it’s essentially cacao butter, sugar and vanilla, which melts into dairy-free white chocolate and caramelises to turn day-old bread into fabulous french toast.

  5. 'Hug Dealers' - short film - written/directed by Anna Broster, 2014.

    Told you I’d been doing shit.

    I’m not allowed to put the actual film online just yet until my school says so, but for the record - this was my recent Supershorts two minute film project. Basically our group shot twelve short films in the space of a week and a half. I’m gonna let you think about that. Hug Dealers was shot on 300ft of Super 16mm film (that’s a top limit of seven minutes of footage in all, so we had to get most shots in the first take), in the space of an eight hour work day, in one of the school’s studios. 

    I’m pretty happy with how this came out! Cast and crew screening was last Thursday, and although the more I look at it the more things I wish I could have done differently, I’m still like, ‘~*~Yeah, look at me! I did a thing!~*~’

    Pretty cool, guys. Pretty cool.


  6. London Pride, Trafalgar Square, 28th June 2014.


  7. Recipe: White Peach & Marzipan Hand Pies

    I have a lot of feelings about peaches. I wish I was exaggerating. Jamie Oliver did this thing about a billion years ago where he made bellinis out of fresh pureed white peaches - you know, the flat kind? - with prosecco, and it was all I could think about for weeks. Three billion years after that I went to Venice while travelling in Italy and actually found flat white peaches for the first time. I did not get to puree them into bellinis, which sucks because everyone knows how much I love to food-process things (a day of solid food is a day wasted, my friend).

    So the awesome thing about living in London is that you can get basically any ingredient you can think of pretty much anywhere. This bag full of peaches was £1, and I made five-and-a-half sweet sticky crisp pies, and then tried to puree the last peaches into bellinis (with no success, sadly. Thanks for nothing, Jamie). The less great thing is the fact that I have literally zero kitchen counter space and prepared these by balancing a bread board on top of my oven hobs for a makeshift flat surface. Like, in case you were wondering where all my baking posts had gone.

    So these pretty much come from two places! The filling sticks pretty closely to this recipe by Yeh, but I knew I’d want a vegan pastry and adapted one from a few years back to use the hodgepodge of weird flours I have in my cupboard, with the warm flavour of brown sugar underneath. I hoard vegan marzipan whenever I find it for these scones, but given that tis very much not the season at present, this seemed like a good use for it - there’s a recipe for super-quick vegan marzipan in the link to my OGP article on that page.

    For the record: this was a fuckin’ awesome idea and so much easier than like, actual pie filling. It’s just peaches! and marzipan! and it melts together into gooey sticky fruit with little pockets of softness and sweetness and joy! I ate hand pies for breakfast but it’s totally okay because I used spelt flour in the pastry! (SHUT UP. IT’S TOTALLY OKAY). I glazed them while they were still warm to get a lovely shine rather than a matte icing, and it was amazing, and I am gonna write as many run-on sentences as I like, because LITTLE PIES, GUYS. LITTLE PIES.

    for the pastry:

    175g (6oz) flour - I used a combination of spelt flour and quinoa flour, because I am literally that kind of person. You could use regular wholewheat or plain/all-purpose.
    1/4 tsp salt
    120g (1 stick) vegan margarine -
    I used Stork for pastry
    60g (2oz) light brown sugar
    a squeeze of lemon juice
    60ml (1/4c.) ice water

    Combine flour, salt and sugar in a food processor. Add the margarine and pulse for a few moments into coarse crumbs. If you don’t have a food processor, you can cut in the marg with a pastry cutter or by crumbling it between your fingers, old school. Add a squeeze of lemon and then a tiny bit of ice water, just a spoonful at a time, pulsing/mixing in between additions until it forms a dough and is not too crumbly.

    Turn the dough out onto a work surface and divide into two equal halves. Wrap in cling film and let chill in the freezer while you make the filling.

    for the filling:

    200g (1 1/4c.) peeled and chopped peaches - tiny pieces please, 1/4-1/2 of an inch.
    125g (4.5oz) vegan marzipan, cut into cubes
    1/2 tsp vanilla paste
    optional: 1 tsp bourbon/whiskey. Uh, I just happened to have some in my hand.

    Cube the shit out of everything and then put it all in a bowl. You’re done. Don’t eat it all right now. Unless you want to make me feel better about my life choices in which case, go ahead.

    Roll out half the pie dough on a well floured surface and cut out 6 circles - about 4-4.5 inches each. Spoon a couple of tbsp of filling into the middle of each one. Roll and cut out your other 6 circles for the tops, then brush a little soy milk around the edges of your pies and stick them together. Use a fork to crimp the edges and make them hold on. Cut a little cross or slash in the top for steam, and if you want to, you can brush with a little more soy milk to make ‘em pretty.

    Bake for 20-25 minutes at 180C.

    for the glaze:

    120g (1/2c.) icing sugar
    2 tsp water
    1/4 tsp. vanilla paste

    Stir together until smooth. Drizzle over warm pies for a shiny glaze, or wait until cool for a sheer icing.


  8. 京都公園 (Kyoto Garden), Holland Park, London.

    I know, I know, it’s like I never left Japan. This is just a tiny area hidden away in the centre of Holland Park, but guess who got predictably, dorkily emotional watching the blossom land on the surface of the water.


  9. McBusted, Phones 4 U Arena, Manchester 09/05/14.

    Two things: I got told off the other day for being a lazy blogger. I’ve totally been a lazy blogger. In my defense I started film school and moved to London and have been in classes all day and shooting every weekend. A PITIFUL DEFENSE. Where have the cakes been, I was asked. Where HAVE the cakes been. I will attempt to remedy this.

    Thing 2: The tragedy of my teenage life was the split of Busted (19th February 2005, a date carved into my soul). I am going to be facetious about this, as I am about everything, but rest assured that my heart was Legitimately Shattered and I wrote diary entry after diary entry. The diary entries are TOO EARNEST TO EVEN BE FUNNY, so I will not cite my sources here. Like, you know when something is so impossibly embarrassing, but at the same time you just wanna take your nerdy 14 year old self in your arms and stroke her hair because she cares so so much about this band and these boys and they make her feel like a real person for the first time in her life.

    And the thing is that 14 year old me never got to see them play live, and while my melodrama eventually abated, I never forgot that bit. So I had to go and see McBusted. I made a promise to a lady.

    This was the MOST INCREDIBLE NIGHT. I’ve seen McFly live a few times, and they always put on a staggering show, but I wasn’t prepared for what watching James Bourne sing did to my heart. You know when you can see how much people love each other? And like, the joy in this arena, I swear to god. It was hilarious and joyful and amazing, and I knew every word; and I remembered why younger-me identified so hard with James, who knew about being the loser kid. Like, not the loser kid in a teen movie who’s still good-lucking and funny or whatever; the kid who doesn’t make proper eye contact and likes sci-fi too much; the kid that someone on the school bus literally sits on top of, and when challenged, says ‘it’s okay, she’s not hot’ (hilariously, I grew up to be super hot, but whatever). And I’m twelve years old, trying to teach myself guitar in order to learn Busted songs, and I think that was the first time I’d had someone who moved like me, but who was talented and famous and hadn’t forgotten, and who sang, ‘Just because you’re nerdy…’ doesn’t mean you’re not gonna make it.


    It meant a lot, is what I’m saying. I said I’d do it, and I did.


  10. #StreetsofSpain Spanish Market, Southbank, London.

    I’d heard there’d be a Spanish market here at the weekend, but wasn’t expecting to have the chance to head over - as it happened, we were at Southbank shooting our short film exercises over the weekend and I got to have a look round after all. Guess which sucker didn’t have cash on her. Guess how long the queue for the ATM was. Guess how incredible everything here smelled. Daaamn, son, damn.